Back in the Summer of 2010, we got the crazy idea as many have to startup a brewery.

Something Different

We didn’t start because we wanted to be on the bandwagon, but because we wanted something different, something our talents and passion for beer could make happen. Our technical background in Microbiology, Chemistry, and Automation made up the perfect formula needed to produce quality beer with a higher level of consistency and with improved shelf stability.

Our passion for beer and diversity of tastes allowed us to craft carefully refined recipes that we know will delight you.

Why Fountain Square

We chose Fountain Square because of the community.

Since we would be the first to admit our creativity and talents exist on a side of the brain that has little capability to draw, we have an admiration and attraction to those whose talents reside in the arts. We have connected to this community and look forward to being a vehicle for expressing local arts and music.

Fountain Square is a community of hard working, creative, fun loving, and genuine people. They are probably the most helpful people we’ve ever met. We are truly honored to be a part of the community and will strive to be worthy ambassadors and stewards.